Natural Molecules - Finger Lime in Action

This serum is coming soon to my new Australian Essences skincare range!!

Finger Lime Caviar Cellular Extracts offer an interesting combination of water-soluble phyto-compounds for natural skincare, through our innovation in Cellular Extraction. Looking for natural sources of ferulic acid, tryptophan, citric flavonoids? The Australian Native Finger Lime is a species to dive into!

The incredible impact from the Finger Lime Cellular Extract shows results after just 10 days use on an eczema flair-up that had been previously treated (unsuccessfully) with cortisone cream for 5 weeks.

NOTE: This is not intended to reflect a controlled clinical trial. It is an uncontrolled infield trial of the NE Finger Lime Caviar Extract in a serum format, applied morning and night directly on the skin. Cortisone treatment was discontinued.

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